About SemperTool

Our mission and who we are

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Who We Are

SemperTool is a software development company specializing in building Digital library technologies, as well as providing hosting and consulting services. We offer a range of reliable and cost-effective software solutions for digital libraries, and currently we serve more than 800 universities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our Mission

To simplify the administration of the digital library

Commitment to OpenAccess

SemperTool is committed to Open Access. We recognize that access to quality research is essential to researchers and students all over the world and by simplifying the administration and integration of Open Access content into library systems we bring the world of OA research to our users.

Simplify library services

We believe that building streamlined library architectures is key to the effective operation of libraries to meet the needs of users.

The market for library services has a diverse number of players, each providing niche solutions, many with limited interoperability. The result is that libraries end up with a complex mix of softwares when building their service architectures.

We at SemperTool believe that this approach to library management is not only complex, expensive, time-consuming and ineffective – it is unnecessary.

Our approach is the development of a streamlined ‘suite’ of interoperable softwares built on a single platform that provide the complete range of library management and powerful end-user services, at the fraction of the cost of typical library systems.

Expand libraries in the developing nations

SemperTool is committed to delivering world-class services to institutions in developing countries. With a range of custom-built tools specifically designed to leverage content available through access programs, as well as technical solutions to maximize usage, we aim to provide systems that are powerful, effective and affordable.

Management Team

Salam Baker Shanawa

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Engineer

Salam has vast knowledge and experience, working in academic libraries and developing and deploying innovative library products and systems. One of the developers of the first ever discovery system developed at the Technical University of Denmark (DADS), Salam was also the developer of the ELIN@ central index search interface used across Swedish universities for almost a decade. Salam believes in promoting greater equity across academic libraries, particularly in developing and transitional countries.

Lotte Jørgensen

Executive Officer and Content Manager

Lotte has more than 2 decades of experience in the library field, as a librarian, sales consultant, project coordinator, and administrator of a library consortium. With extensive skills in licensing and negotiation, much of Lotte’s career has involved managing e-resources. She also worked as the manager of the DOAJ for 7 years